We set standard to all our bags:

  • 7 stitches per inch
  • Using 210PU as inner lining
  • Use first grade plastic/metal buckles and parts
  • Use minimum 6.4gm/meter zip
  • Reinforcement on all stress points
  • Minimum 12.5gm/meter PP webbing
  • Durable material used with flat PVC coating

Process of Making A Bag…

In CERTO, the designing process by which a sensational design is created involves developing ideas, sketching designs, working through the sample making process, modifying the design, making another sample when necessary, grading and finally manufacturing of the bag.

Tailor-make & Conceptualised Your Ideas

  • We tailor-make & conceptualise your ideas according to your budget & requirements.
  • We have an innovative design team and well trained staff to help you along the process with no design fee imposed.
  • Besides your creativity, we have a strong brand image to give you a value added advantage

We Tailor-make Regardless of Your Budget

Whatever your budget, we can work together to come up with a winning solution.

Even if your budget is USD1 per bag

Package your products with the best OEM quality

We have manufactured OEM products for many internationally renowned brands. They have bundled their products with our bags to great success and acceptance from the market place.

Best OEM, ODM & OBM Provider

At CERTO, the team provides tailor-made bag services including OEM, ODM, OBM and below the line advertising tools.

Having manufactured products for various international brands, today in on its journey to create a complete range of bags where it emphasises both ready-to-use and tailor-made all kinds of bags with the best OEM/OBM/ODM quality.

Our tailor-made bag service can be categorized into:-

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

For product bundling, equipment bags, medical equipment bags,
product packaging and etc.

  • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

For which we design and manufacture a product which is specified
and eventually branded by you.

  • Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM)

For which we design and manufacture for our own brand for instance
Terminus, Tarantula, Sweat, Datalite, etc.

  • Below the line advertising tools

For which we design and manufacture to your requirement for the
product launching, corporate event and gifts.

6 Months Product Warranty

CERTO, stands behind all our product 100%. If there are any differing specifications, we will rectify it to our customer’s satisfaction.

Our products must be QC passed. Therefore, we have formed a strong QC team locally as well as in China.

Probably the No. 1 tailor-made bag company in the region. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified

We are probably the No.1 tailor-made bag company in the region, and we are ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our office is fully equipped with computer aided research & design software, sample making, and other in-house facilities which enable us to provide the best service to our clients.

State of Art Storage Facilities

We have adequate factory facility to accommodate any quantity you may require.

On Time Delivery

With our track record of on time delivery, our customers are assured of peace of mind.

Suitable For All Walks Of Life

It is proven that bags are one of the strongest platform for brand building /corporate identity, with your company’s name / logo prominently displayed. It is also suitable for all ages, professions, level, and etc.

Suitable For All Walks Of Life

It is proven that bags are one of the strongest platform for brand building /corporate identity, with your company’s name / logo prominently displayed. It is also suitable for all ages, professions, level, and etc.

More Than 100 Ready Made Bags

  • We have the widest variety of ready stocks with over 100 choices, we have our own embroidery and silk screen department.
  • New collections are added every 6 months, from laptop and document bag collection to travel bag collection, it is all the bags you ever need.
  • We have our own factory in Malaysia to cater for small quantity and urgent orders.

We’re honourably excited to help you with gifts & premium items that will out reach your Company Identity.

Through a sharing session about your company background, culture, mission & vision, we provide the best gifts & premium item solutions that specific your needs.

  • PEN
  • MUG

Experience the change internally & externally with your out reach company identity together with our corporate gifts & premiums.

We have a strong team capable of handling our customers enquiries with care and in details. With our team of highly trained staffs, making a decision and coordination are fairly easy and painless.

We would assist you and take care of all the details up to your satisfaction.